Zoltán Nagy M.D.,  Ph.D.D.Sc.
professor of neurology

Zoltan Nagy M.D.

Zoltán Nagy M.D.,Ph.D.D.Sc., professor of neurology, is active actually as the consultant neurologist in the Department Section of Vascular Neurology (Semmelweis University, Budapest) and in the Bioelectric Imaging Laboratory of Department of Electric Engeenering and Information Systems (Pannonian University, Veszprém).

He graduated in the Semmelweis University, and he had his basic training in cell biology and specialized in general pathology, neurology, psychiatry and neuropathology. His main interest is vascular neurology, neurobiology of stroke. He published more than 250 papers in English and in Hungarian (IF:202.541, Cyt. Index about 2200).

He was the founder and director of the National Stroke Centre (1993-2007), and the last general director of the National Institute of Psychiatry and Neurology (2002-2007). During his directorship he focused on the inprouving quality of clinical and research activity of the National Institute. He signed an agreement with the NIH (USA) on long term scientific co-operation. In the frame of health care reform, in 2007 the number of psychiatry-beds were reduced, and the National Institute had been closed.


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